Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Old me New me

Re-entry has been interesting...I guess you don't know how much you've changed until you re-enter your previous culture.
We're living on campus at harding grad. and although the apartment is small it is so nice to have all our things in one place. While unpacking these boxes I'm reminded of our lives before. For one thing we have distinct personal boxes. The labels say "Kyle's books" or "Rebecca's stuff". This past year in China really meshed us together as one unit. I'm not sure if we packed our belongings again if we would need to specify whose stuff everything is because it's all OURS.
Another thing I've learned about myself is I'm shocked at how much stuff we have! Before we went to China we sold most of our things and we still have SO much more than we had in China. It's nice to have these things but it's hard, after seeing how the Chinese live, not to feel guilty for having nice things.
Although re-entry has been confusing and not so fun at times we're making it. It really helps to have friends who understand, family who loves us no matter how weird we are, and a God who loves, blesses and cares for us everyday.