Saturday, March 20, 2010

Three Months

For three months I've entertained the idea of being a teacher next year at the international school here in Hangzhou. I had three interviews & thought I "had it in the bag". Our thoughts were if we got the job we could stay here for two years or more and take care of our financial debts. Kyle couldve tried to do school online & I wouldve been happy getting a tremendous experience being a teacher in an international school. Sounded perfect to us.
About a week ago I found out I didn't get the job. The ideas & plans we'd thought about for so long came crashing down & left us wondering "ok, that didn't work out. What next?". We had a meeting with our family here & talked about longterm & short term goals. No real decisions have been "set in stone" yet. But most of us are thinking "what next". Please think about us while we all try to listen to him about what's next.


  1. oftentimes I've been so focused on what I wanted HIS will to be, that I've lost sight of what HE could do with me and my family. so many times, I thought my dream job was in the bag, only to find out it in the end that it wasn't. Every time, I seem to lose faith, but every time, I've ended up with something much more important to do. It will all work out for the best for you both.

  2. He's got a plan, no doubt! There are plenty of teaching opportunities overseas; I'm sure if that's what you are supposed to be doing, you'll find the one meant for you. Keep your chin up!

  3. Hey Rebecca. It's Max from NCC. Just browsing the interwebs and stumbled upon this. I can't believe the things you've done with your life already. It's amazing.
    I hope your time in China has been a life-changing experience, as I'm sure it has been. I hope and pray for your future to continue to be something influential and spiritual, whether that be in China, USA or another part of the world. His plans don't stop on not getting a job.