Friday, September 4, 2009

I Feel Violated

What a day this has been! We met Frank at 7:00 AM to take a bus to the international health check place! We got lost along the way - an hour later we arrived to our destination. We hurriedly filled out our paperwork to get into a very long line of foreigners from all over the world! I had no idea what to expect! The health examinations were set up in different pods. The first one we came to was called “blood and urine”! You guessed it - You stuck your arm through a hole in the window and a woman took your blood, handed you a cup and pointed to the restrooms. Kyle told them he might faint - they did not shrug off this warning! They took him around to their side of the counter, pulled out a lawn chair recliner and had him lay down. I held his hand and made him talk to me the whole time :) NEXT was the urine. it was SO embarrassing! In the states you would go into a private restroom and place the cup in a discrete cabinet and go on. Here you bring it out in front of everyone - no lid included. I peed in a cup, set it down and realized it had a hole in it! I ran out of the bathroom and frantically tried to get another cup! The language barrier took hold of the situation and I didn’t get my new cup in time to save it all. I gave the woman what was left and she yelled at me and threw it in the trash as if to say “that’s not good enough try again”! I asked what I should do and she said (by this time I had a translator) “get some water, drink it, and pee again” like it’s that easy! Waiban Frank asked her where the water was and she yelled again - she didn’t like me much. He found some water for me and I drank it while I went through the other pods. They did an ultrasound of my liver, an EKG, an ENG...the works! I felt like a herd animal driven through the shoots. It was so weird! Once out I felt glad it was over.

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