Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Shout out to the fams

I woke up this morning at 8ish to skype my whole family on Thanksgiving Day at my BigDad and Nana's house. I must admit I was dreading it because I thought when I pushed the hangup button I would hate China and want to go home. Just thinking about them being all together playing rook, eating 'til absolutely stuffed and chatting with everyone made me sad.

When I accepted their call I was overwhelmed with happiness at the sight of them all! They crammed into my BigDad's study and I got to talk to everyone! My little cousin Alex blew me kisses and said "I love you"! Loralei didn't want to say it but I know she does all the same! :o) I caught up with my cuz Ari, she's not doing ballet anymore if you were wondering, she's just doing basketball and soccer! I got to meet Uncle Brent and Bonnie's dog ~ Baxter...HE's a Shih Tzu, easy Brent!

I hope my family knows how cool they are and how much I miss them! And instead of making my day in China a sad one, they made it really happy!

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