Thursday, November 26, 2009

i got a package!

Today Kyle got a call from our post office on campus saying we had a package! When I came home from teaching I went straight to the post office and picked it up. Inside were 22 little bears to be filled for my little kids at the Orphanage! I am so thankful to the wonderful ladies at Buford that helped with this cause! When I first shared this idea with my mom I thought I might be able to make about five or six bears by our next visit because I do not have sewing machine etc. But with the help I have received every child will have a bear! They are going to be so happy to have a cuddly friend to comfort them through scary surgeries and lonely nights! Since I received the package I have been stuffing and sewing up the bears and they are perfect! In about three weeks we will go to the Orphanage again and we'll be able to give the kids the "bear hugs"! I am so excited and cannot say enough about how thankful I am to the ladies in Buford! You saw a need and are really helping! Stay tuned for pictures to come!

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