Tuesday, December 1, 2009

living with purpose

During my last class today I noticed a few people outside the classroom window peeking in, trying not to be noticed. This is not a rarity here. Being a foreign teacher we get a lot of people peeking in from time to time. In this class I have a great group of precious girls that wanted to talk so I stayed for a chat instead of running to the bus. While I talked to my girls a group of about five guys came in the back of the classroom and waited until the girls finished their chatter. As the last girl disappeared through the door one of the guys started my way. He asked if I played for the same team he did. I said that I loved that team and I did play for hIs team. He had his rule book with him and got very excited to show me it. I asked him how he knew I played this sport. He said that he had wandered in my classroom a few weeks ago to study and he noticed I had some rules from the rule book on the board! He told his friends about it and they waited until my class was over to talk to me! A few weeks ago I taught about relationships and college life, I shared with all of my classes the great love poem and left it on the board, this is what he read. I am excited to talk about our game plan with them!

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  1. Have there been follow-up discussions on the game plan? Were you able to pass on the DBS approach? Just curious.