Friday, June 10, 2011

Why I Love My Serger

MY mom is very talented in just about anything. She can turn a bolt of fabric into very durable clothes overnight! When I was a kid living in New Zealand some of my most favorite memories were of my mom taking us to the fabric store and letting US choose the fabric we wanted our clothes to be made out of! Looking back now in pictures I'm not so sure it was the greatest idea to let US choose our own fabric because we came up with some wacky combinations! But we loved it! We would kiss her good night with folded fabric on her desk and in the morning she would have CLOTHES at the end of our beds! She brags now that she could make a pair of pants in 15 minutes!

My dad surprised my mom with this serger (pictured above) one day. He went to the a sewing centre in Browns Bay, bought it, and had it out of the box and sitting on her desk when she got home! She was SO excited! She used it to make most of our clothes while we lived in New Zealand! She brought it with her to the states (with a clunky converter my dad had made for her) when we moved and it hasn't had much use since...until a few weeks ago when I went home for a visit! We found it in the basement and mom and I cleaned it up! With some dusting and a little oil it works beautifully! My mom gave it to me and I have been making clothes with it like she did for me twenty years ago! So, this is why I love my serger :)

(Side note: I'd like to name it but haven't thought of one yet, any ideas?)

much love to all of you

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