Tuesday, October 27, 2009

“Famours” For a Day

Before I came to China people told me, “They treat you like you’re some kind of celebrity because you are so different from them.” Living here this past month, I’ve noticed an occasional double take or nervous glance our way but I never experienced anything like this!
It all started with an email from our Waiban, Joy, asking us if we wanted to participate in a traditional Chinese wedding. We jumped at the idea and volunteered Stan and Juliane as well! We had NO idea what we’d gotten ourselves into! We thought it would be a little celebration, some sort of parade, and a ferry ride across West Lake...Today I learned that China does nothing small! When we arrived we were overwhelmed with cameras and interviews from news casters wanting to know, “Why did you come to Hangzhou to get Married?” Everyone wanted our picture, even the Chinese wedding couples! There were 100 couples to be wed, and since we were the foreigners we were put in front of all the other couples! (Which didn’t make it easy when we couldn’t understand our chinese instructions and had to look behind us to see what we were supposed to be doing) haha. There were thousands of people lining every street or walkway we went down...amazing. Next time I sign up to participate in something here I will find out how big it will be first!

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