Saturday, October 31, 2009


Stan and Juliane had a Halloween Party at their school and invited us to come! We dressed up ~ Kyle like a Vampire, me like a cat ~ because it was a costume party after all. :) I had cat ears and a tail and he had white face paint on his face and hands. We had to catch a bus to get to their campus! We were stared at A LOT! Especially the older generation. People just didn't know what to think of us! It was hilarious! Once we got to their campus we were informed they had had an H1N1 break out and all parties were to be canceled! Vincent, their waiban, got the party OKed - so it was still on. When we walked in we realized that Juliane, Stan, Kyle and I were the only ones that had dressed up! The chinese people all had some masquerade looking masks, so not only were we Americans ~ we were the only ones dressed up haha! we really stood out! It was a lot of fun though. We played games and got to know a few of their students so it was really cool! After the party we went and hung out with Stan and J @ their apartment and then went home via taxi.

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