Thursday, October 1, 2009

Holiday in Shanghai

Stan, Juliane, Kyle and I decided to go to Shanghai over the national holiday break! We bought train tickets a few days before and booked a room in a hostel when we arrived! I couldn’t believe how blessed our trip was. Not knowing the language has made me expect difficulties while traveling but we experienced none on this trip! At every could-be-obstacle someone came to our aid! It was fantastic! During our stay we caught up with one of Kyle’s old students and team mates, who now works in Shanghai! He invited us into his home where he lives with his brother, sister and mother we called “Ma”. They cooked an incredible lunch and dinner for us and Ma taught us how to make jiaozi/chinese dumplings. In exchange Juliane and I taught them how to bake peanut butter cookies! We had SO much fun with them. I really enjoyed being able to experience China in someone’s home, it was a cool experience.

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